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Exploring The Region

The Jura, a peaceful but harsh landscape from which the people draw strenght and resourcefulness.

Pastures and forests, lakes and caves, chamois and trout, absinthe and gentian. Comté and Morbier, hills and dales, farms and fortresses, the birthplace of Louis Pasteur and Gustave Courbet. Close to the Swiss frontier the splendour  of the Jura montains draws you in. Its scenic beauty, its history and theunique character of the area is captivating.

The region is sometimes referred to as “Little Quebec” because ofthe similarities of landscape and climate through the passing of the seasons.

A tonic for both Body and Soul

The Jura is famous for its wide range of Winter sports. Come and try downhill skiing, cross country skiing or ice skating. For something different try horse-drawn skiing or hiking with snow shoes. In summer you may swim, orsail on the lakes, fish the rivers, walk thewell marked mountain paths, cycle, or ride mountain bikes, or do white-water canoeing. Golf is a growing passtime in the area. In Autumn you may walk in the forests, collect mushrooms, or go horses riding. Why not take to the air hang-glide or fly in a hot-air balloon.

At any time of year you can explore the history, heritage, gastronomy and typical jurassien way of life. The sites to visit are legion.

There are so many ways to enjoy this beautifully preserved environment.